I am an authorized psychologist who offer private counselling for adults in pleasant surroundings in the center of Tromsø. I have opening hours both during the day and in the evening.

How do I work?

I am primarily concerned with what happens in the meeting between me and my client. That we through good conversations can create a dynamic that contributes to the change you need or with getting through a difficult phase in life.

In our sessions, I often emphasize understanding one's own reactions, and understanding the connection between physical and psychological events. I also try to map central strategies that shape how one relates to oneself and others, and to one's own history. By strategies is emplied the ways the person has learned to think about oneself, others and the world. When one discovers strategies that work negatively, they can be changed, which in turn can change our wellbeing.

My overall methodological foundation is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT is about exploring and embracing, instead of distancing yourself from what you experience as problems, and moving towards acceptance. This can open up for flexibility where things feel stuck.

ACT is based on behavioral analysis and is not only centered around how psychological phenomena manifest themselves, but also the context in which they occur and what functions they have. In this way, the focus goes beyond symptoms, thoughts, feelings and verbal expressions alone. It’s this width and depth I like about the method, and it’s corresponding with my view of psychological processes and human functioning.

The commitment lies in finding one's own personal values, life goals and inherent resources, and then be guided by these – i.e. making binding agreement with oneself. It is well established in research that incorporating healthier strategies based on such an agreement, results in better mental health.

ACT is proven to be effective in the treatment of a wide range of psychological ailments. Such as anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, addiction, work stress and chronic pain.

What do you need?

Everyone has their own unique story. And what each individual brings into the therapy room and what they need, varies from person to person. I will be concerned with what you want to get out of the therapy and together we will figure out what you need and what is most important to you.

Some will need another person to listen to their story, and find ways to talk about difficult things. Others may need to start more concretely with exercises and problem solving. While for others it is unclear what causes problems and in which direction to go. You are welcome no matter how clear or unclear your needs are.

You own the process

It is always a brave step to start therapy, whether you have been in therapy before or if you are trying it for the first time. To take this into account, I am concerned that you should experience owning your own process and that we follow your natural pace.


As an authorized psychologist, I am bound by the Health Personnel Act on confidentiality.

I also follow the Norwegian Psychological Association's guidelines about integrating the best available research with clinical expertise seen in the context of the client's nature, cultural background and desired goals.

I am associated with www.speare.no, and have thus undergone quality assurance. This also means that I have access to a secure journal system, and to colleague support and a professional network.

A little about me

I am 52 years old and left a career as a graphic designer behind when I started my psychology education. I wanted to use myself in a better way and work closer to human issues.

I was born with a degree of cerebral palsy - which can be both relevant and irrelevant, but which I believe is reasonable to mention.

This background, combined with expertise in psychology, forms the basis of my work as a psychologist.

Mostly I’be been working with individual therapy and support-consultations for adults, and I have experience with both severe and milder challenges.

Finally, I have relatively long experience of "being in the world", and have dealt with a great variety of people. And I have learned about myself that there’s little that scares me. I don’t shy away from dark, existential themes, and I am confident in conversations about serious illness, death and loss.

Sessions and prizes

Monday evenings

Mondays I am open for appointments after 16.00.

Wednesdays daytime

On Wednesdays I offer consultations from 10.15 to 15.30.

Fridays daytime

On Fridays, there is an opportunity for sessions from 12.15 to 15.30

Single session

An ordinary session is about 50 minutes with and costs NOK 1.190.

Double session 

A single session often goes by very quickly when you’ve been weighed down by a lot over time. A longer session can also give a better opportunity to go deeper into the topic.

A double session lasts 1 hour and 40 minutes and costs NOK 2.380.

Short introduction

If you are unsertain whether a psychologist is what you need, or whether the psychologist should be me, you can come in for a short chat.

I don’t charge for short introduction and it will be 20 minutes long.

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